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Click here to start your search. A high-quality vinyl wrap can cost about half that with little installation time. The system consists of a 10-channel, 400-watt amplifier with four Fender tweeters, two Fender Twin speakers, two Fender rears and a Bassman subwoofer. It could be me being a bit rusty, but the 2nd to 3rd shift is a bit rough all other shifts are real smooth.

The Versa hatchback is likely to use the same powertrain. I do not regret buying it for a second. Not only is the 5. I passed an elderly, bespectacled Asian man in a Nissan Pathfinder who dawdled in the left lane and, upon my attempt to pass him, wagged a finger at me as if admonishing a child who had passed gas during a sermon.

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I would like to see a passenger arm rest. Also 2011 Nissan GT-R Coupe type of engine back window view is a bit odd because of its split window view. How hard could it be.

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Same goes for the brightly colored trims and neoprene upholstery -- no doubt the showroom version will use quieter hues and more traditional materials. The electro-mechanical steering is nice and light, the turning circle tight and the engine is responsive.

The ride clearly needs some work before it could be deemed showroom ready, but on the whole the concept is well engineered. If the production car keeps its confident good looks and engaging on-road character, it will do well in what is set to become a big, tough market segment.

However, like our associate editors 1963 Star Chief, this 1939 Pontiac DeLuxe Eight bears a long-departed Pontiac nameplate and is currently undergoing a refresh. Theyve pulled the Silver Streak straight-eight and are planning to swap in an electric powertrain. The Roanoke kids found it at Olivers Garage, in Blacksburg, Va. Since then, theyve set about restoring the body shell, painting it in a school-spirit-inspired burgundy pearl.

In the meantime, the Virginia Museum of Transportation is interested in displaying the car over the winter, though dates have yet to be finalized. Plus, we simply dont see enough 39 Pontiacs of any stripe. Good on RC Electric for choosing an EV platform outside the norm. Your mileage will vary, probably for the better, unless you drag-race away from every stoplight.

The Focus Electric five-door seats five but gives up a big chunk of its utility to the second of two battery packs, the one crammed into what used to be the cargo area of the Focus hatchback. We barely got a camera bag, a computer backpack and a cheap navy blazer in there.

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